About the Nest

Raven’s Nest is a hybrid of esoteric, holistic practices aimed at establishing a balanced integration of mind, body, and spirit tailored to YOU – while also assisting the alignment of your individual nature with the natural rhythms of the Universe.

Through the spiritual and practical application of astrology, metaphysics, mindfulness coaching, and yoga, Raven’s Nest offers a sacred space to raise personal empowerment to truly “know thyself’ and co-create the best quality of life with more conscious intention and overall success!

A liminal space of restoration and comfort, Raven’s Nest is the warm blanket and cup of tea over a fireside chat amidst the twilight-lit forrest….

where secrets are sworn in confidence and we can feel safe to strip away facades and face with honesty our internal limiting blocks.

Then and only then can we attempt the alchemical transmutation of awakening to our best, most authentic expression of ourselves and begin to strategize around the obstacles of our external circumstances to achieve the fulfillment of our best quality of life.

Your cozy, home-hearth of BECOMING… Raven’s Nest is a conduit and amplifier of your personal signature of Divine Magic, guiding you in the alchemy of your own soul.

“Transformation is the practical magic we do everyday!”

So, get ready to stretch out your wings…. 
Raven’s Nest is where we alchemists learn to FLY!

The Why….

So, why Raven’s Nest?

Because like you, I wanted to learn how to make the most of my strengths and finally free myself from my repetitious patterns of self-sabotage…. “What was I doing wrong?!”

Because like you, I sensed there was a deeper, hidden wisdom to be uncovered in the language of the stars that might empower me to navigate my life toward achieving my goals, better my relationships, and finally deliver the joy I craved….

“..in other words, working SMART vs. hard? Sign me up!”

Because like some of you already familiar with astrology, I was looking for a more collaborative approach to interpreting the wisdom of the Universe – primarily through the lens of Traditional (ancient) and Evolutionary (modern) methods.

While maintaining a respectful distinction of what each system offers, I’ve found weaving all the elements to tell the story tends to best reflect the richly colored tapestry of our unique signature of our Divinity….

And probably because, like you, I was simply frustrated overall with antiquated modalities of healing that failed to integrate a holistic approach to my wellness….. “..seems like this particularly combination of practices should’ve been a THING already, right?!”

I hadn’t found anything like this anywhere so I decided to create it.

But increasingly, science in various mainstream modalities of wellness is beginning to reflect the awareness that the body, mind, and spirit do not function in isolation but work together. True healing must then be holistic to be complete and addressing one part of the ‘body, mind, spirit trifecta’ often means a need to address the others.

Not only that, but each component of the ‘body, mind, spirit trifecta’ has spiritual and practical needs and functions we can use to our advantage when we are mindful of their care and the best ways to apply them.

“As above, so below!”

“As within, so without!”

Astrology, metaphysics, mindfulness coaching, and yoga are each in themselves complete paths of practice leading to holistic awareness and integration. Together, their combined wisdom forms a dynamic power surge of spiritual awakening, meditative understanding and peace with what is, enlightened connection to others and Divinity, connection to personal magic to successfully impact desired changes, and, most importantly, a profound sense of wholeness in the ‘homecoming’ to SELF.

“We are made of star stuff.”

– Carl Sagan

Alchemy of Astrology

power of spirit

“Do you know the laws of the universe? Can you use them to regulate the earth?”

– Job 38:33

Astrology is the language of the Universe written by the hand of the Divine.

Learning to understand it is to learn to hear the conversation and its relevance to your life. A study of the star map personalized to you at your moment of birth links your inner understanding of yourself to Divine intention. It could be said the birth, or ‘natal’, chart is the blueprint of your ‘celestial contract’ outlining your authentic self and your soul’s path to purpose throughout your life.

A cosmic clock of cyclical timing, Astrology is a highly effective, observable tool of practical and spiritual benefit.

For inquiring minds ready and willing to see, Astrology not only delivers empowering insight and forewarning about our external experiences but it offers an essential key to our inner alchemy by allowing us to truly “KNOW THYSELF!” Most of us assume we do and yet so many of us continue to unconsciously repeat patterns of self-undoing and fail to make the most of untapped potentials.

“KNOW THYSELF” isn’t just a clever inscription engraved above the door at the Oracle of Delphi… The power in those words is that in their application they become the key for transmuting pain into power and taking ownership of our unique gifts to fulfill soulful purpose.

“KNOW THYSELF” is the first step in awakening to our Divine birthright, reclaiming who we have ALWAYS been.. and stepping into the magic we have ALWAYS had!

And as much as the stars reflect a Divine consciousness in the meaning their movements tend to inspire in our lives, a study and intentional alignment to those celestial movements can therefore foster a deeper understanding of Divinity and a stronger connection to it.

Astrology’s archetypal language connects us all to a sense of ONENESS through the collective consciousness universally shared, with the power to reveal the face of the Divine.

Alchemy of Mindfulness Coaching

power of mind

“Troubled? Then stay with me, for I am not.”

– Hafiz

While Astrology and other areas of metaphysics can provide inclinations for a future forecast, mindfulness coaching can assist in the difficult balance of holding space for possible realities with preparedness while maintaining inner peace through non-attachment to what actually happens.

In other words, wether the beliefs causing our suffering are related to the past, present, or future, through mindful inquiry, coaching provides the tools to untangle the limiting thoughts holding you back from living your best life and liberates you from needless suffering due to the attachment to painful beliefs.

As our power to manifest anything in our lives is critically dependent on the support of our minds. Developing in this arena provides a strong foundation for any goal you pursue!

Alchemy of Yoga

power of body

“The hand stays in society while the heart rests with the Divine.”

– Bhagavad Gita

While it’s true, yoga on its own integrates mind, body, & spirit to the benefit of each, the particular practice of conditioning the mind and aiding connection with the Divine through the physical experience of the body offers the specific advantage of making the less tangible power of the mind and spirit more accessible to all; regardless of spiritual aptitude.

Too often ignored or even vilified as ‘ the impure flesh,’ the body actually holds a vast resource of insightful clues to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Through breath work, movement, mindfulness, and meditation, we soften into the wisdom communicated through our body’s direct link to our subconscious and authentic self.

Alchemy of Metaphysics

power within

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it!”

“Metaphysics,” or the spiritual study of natural laws, is a large umbrella that easily encompasses practices like astrology, divination, psychic communication with the other side, the wielding of esoteric wisdom, and the manipulation of energy.

Concepts like the ‘law of attraction’ are FAR from new. In fact, energizing thought forms, aligning natural elements with personal intent to aid practical effort, employing the power of the spoken word, and shifting outcomes in favorable directions are all well-known metaphysical practices.

Successful results being heavily dependent on the alignment of mind, body, and spirit, working within any area of metaphysical practice can underscore the significant role each has in helping us achieve our desires. We learn quickly that the more synchronized the mind-body-spirit alignment, the more powerful we become!

The Story…

Raven’s Nest was a concept that came to life though my own experience of it.

Pluto, transiting my first house of ‘self,’ found me disassembling the very core of my identity and coping with the dissolution of everything in my personal life that represented the outward reflection of that identity!

So, career, relationship, spiritual practice, life direction, …even aspects of my physical appearance were all morphing into some unknown evolution I didn’t seem to have the memo on. Basically, any recognition to the ‘self’ I once understood so easily was lost in the foggy liminal space from where I was and where I was going.

To assist in the process of one of the most epic transformations of my life, my return to ‘the nest’ to live with my mother was a necessary sacrifice. The adage took on an even deeper, cheekier resonance in light of the fact that the raven has long been a personal totem.

Ravens, aligned with Saturn, Venus, and the Winter Solstice, possess a deep historical association with transformation, wisdom, crossroads, magic, destiny, healing, clairvoyance, ancestors & familial ties, protection, omens, and death/rebirth experiences.

Pluto shares similar associations as the planet ruling shadow work and powerful life transformations.

As if the Universe was having a laugh, against all initial intentions, I saw myself clearly as the raven returned to the safe, sacred space of her nest to deconstruct in comfort and support.

True to the goodness of Universal Love, the ‘return to the nest’ I once saw as a negative was far from the mark of shameful ruin and FAR more a blessing that has unfolded in countless ways I never imagined…..

In the midst of rediscovering my joy and true connection with my life’s purpose, it became clear to me that I wanted this practice I share with others to offer that same feeling of comfort and ease to deconstruct… to lower defenses with the confidence to turn inward and focus solely on the inner work of alchemical transmutation within an environment of trust, healing, and support.

Essentially, I wanted to build the world a nest… Finally, the idea fused has into form.

Welcome to the nest. xo