I am always pleased and so happy that you are able to help me. I know most times what I want to ask or need to know is unclear cause it’s all chaotic in my head but you always seem to bring clarity to what it is I need to hear. You never make me feel as if my concerns are trivial or boring. Using all your gifts brings about the best guidance possible for my situation. In my job I am usually the one to guide others to make their own decisions. Its refreshing to know that I have such a dear resource who can do that for me. Thank you, thank you and love you dearly.”

~M. Smith

What an amazing healer! Scarlet not only has exceptional and unique intuitive gifts, her nurturing and empathic ability enables her to help you identify emotional blocks which allow you to move into a clearer, more conscious space. She helped me bring a greater awareness to my thoughts and empowered me in a way that allowed me to learn from the past, embrace the present and move excitedly towards my future! I always feel validated, refreshed, optimistic and able to see situations from a different perspective.  Scarlet is an inspiration, a true gift. I ALWAYS look forward to speaking with Scarlet and cant recommend this experience enough!”

~D. Ford


Scarlet’s work is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It is not merely an assembly of data arranged in a fashion that simple online resources often fail to achieve, but rather something unique that is, without doubt, much greater than the sum of its parts. The attention to detail is astounding, not only looking at major points, but beyond them into the delicate and intricate nuances and interactions that lie deeper below. There is such caring, and such intent in her work and that is just on the consultation side! Her skill in the plastic arts is incredible. The ability to utilize mixed media and certain materials that the mind initially perceives as contradictory in such a way as to create something more than unique, but rather matched to the recipient perfectly is something that is profoundly uncommon. In all, Intricate detail from a caring and calculating mind and soul from a place of unconditional love is truly something to be cherished.”

~J. Warner


Scarlet did a natal chart for me that was so impeccably crafted, my husband actually thought it was a store bought coffee table book. It’s really amazing how much thought and attention to detail Scarlet put into the artwork. Specifics like my life path number, burlap accents like the flowers I handmake for my business, bees (my name means “honeybee”), butterflies (like my tattoos), and the varying textures and colors….not to mention the rich astrological content. I learned so much from it. Her charts are so well done, I cannot recommend them enough. Mine is something I will hold dear forever!”

~M. Walsh