Natal Report

An detailed examination of the planetary energies given to you at birth shaping you into the unique individual you are. KNOW THYSELF!

115Solar Return or “Birthday” Report

Explains the new theme, goals, and direction your life will be focused on based during the current year’s solar cycle that kicks off on your birthday.

 Child Report

Similar to the natal report but written from the perspective of a child’s specific needs. Great for new parents or those looking to gain deeper understanding!

      steampunk_romanceRelationship Report

An intensive but fun report for couples, friends, or partnerships who really want to get to the heart of the strengths and potential challenges of their dynamic. This report is a combination of the three most popular reports for relating: synastry, relationship, and composite all rolled into one!

  Eros Report

A cheeky peek at our more lusty desires! When the time is right for passion, this report can help you unlock the secrets for seduction to ignite your lover’s flame or reveal to your lover how to fan yours.

  steampunk_clock stampAsteroid Goddess Report (Coming Soon!)

The first four major asteroids discovered were named after the Roman goddesses Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene, and Vesta. This report explores the mythos of each and can reveal the profound breadth and depth of wisdom of the anima, frequently called the “Divine feminine”, we each posses. Regardless of gender, archetypal themes such as ‘mother’, ‘lover’, and ‘virgin’ are universal in our collective unconscious and can therefore, offer a profound understanding about how we each assume these roles ourselves and the specific needs we have of those who play these roles for us. Excellent for both sexes to better connect with their divine feminine energy and work with it in increased awareness.

Transit Report

Valuable day-by-day insight into how the planets are effecting your life currently using client-specified beginning and end dates. Navigate life decisions consciously empowered! 

Most reports are approx. 20 – 40 pgs. One-year transit reports are approx. 150 – 165 pgs. but the length varies depending on the amount of time covered.(*Please contact me for transit report quotes*)

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