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Astronomy: “Super Moon” Perigee = closest to the earth in it’s monthly cycle; biggest of the year!


Magic & Spirituality: “Wolf Moon” (“Snow Moon” / “Cold Moon”)

Zodiac: Cancer

Day: Monday

Polarity: yin

Colors: silver, black, white, violet, royal purple

Numbers: 9, 13

Tarot: High Priestess, the nines

Chakra: Ajna (‘third eye’)

Alchemy: conjunction, coagulation

Stones: hematite, moonstone, pearl

Metal: silver

Trees: birch, hazel, willow, magnolia

Herbs: opium poppy, periwinkle, watercress, marjoram

Incense: camphor, jasmine, ylang ylang

Element: Water

Archangel: Gabriel

Angel: Gabriel

Diety: Isis, Artemis, Diana, Selene, Astarte, Cybele, Arianrhod, Inanna, Freya, The GODDESS/DIVINE FEMININE


Key Themes:



Inward Focus



Pregnant with ideas and purpose


  • what is essential and beneficial
  • what is a deterrent or toxic
  • next steps on projects 
  • new or re-newed direction
  • relationship issues highlighted demanding resolution
  • navigating a balance between the stress of productivity and self-care



Ancient but timeless…

Mysterious but ripe in wisdom..

Legend and lore have crystalized into the powerful archetypes we associate with the moon til this day..

She is first and foremost the Divine Feminine/Goddess energy, the Mother, women, the subconscious, the anima, wisdom, mystery, instincts, intuition, night, & magic who bears particular sway over fertility, growth, conception, waters and bodily fluids (including menstrual cycles), dreams, the ‘ebb & flow’ of life, the stomach and the digestion. 


“As if you were 

on fire

from within, 

The moon lives


in the lining

of your skin”


Cancer is the zodiacal sign falling under the moon’s natural rulership so similar to what we said about Saturn being amped up like Popeye with a can of spinach in his native sign, Capricorn, the moon in Cancer gains the same amplified charge to her natural expressions. Add to that, the moon is at the peek of her power in FULL illumination and the closest to the earth she ever gets at perigee! While this will not be the only spectacular moon we’ll get to enjoy this year, (*hint: BLUE MOON ON THE HORIZON later this month!!!), this will appear to be the biggest! All that said, the energetic impact of the moon physically, emotionally, psychologically, psychically should not go unnoticed! 

The full moon is traditionally a time where we find matters related to where the moon resides in our charts come to fruition, manifestation, and/or we gain the clarity needed to implement the action. 

A Cancerian influence brings matters related to family or the tribe (of origin and/or adopted), traditions, preservation, and resources needed for sustained protection and security; especially material and emotional. As always, any influence that has us taking stock of our emotions also calls us to get clear with what our hearts are saying to thereby base future actions and self-expressions on the truth we discover.

Notable Aspects:

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Full Moon opposite Sun, Saturn, & Venus (widely Pluto) 

As we said, amplified in her own energy, the moon is especially “moon-like” with heightened intuition and emotional responses. Already moody and susceptible to sensitivities being triggered, with so many planets in Capricorn sitting in opposition – and almost all of those planets being heavy weights in their own right – we can expect undulating emotions as a normal expression of ‘what’s in the air’ and stop questioning our own sanity!

And why wouldn’t they be? 

As we all know, to say there has been a lot to “adapt to” in 2017 – both on personal and global scales – would be comedic. And a little insulting.

So the full moon now raises our awareness to all we have been feeling about these transitions as we’ve experienced them to date, where we find ourselves today as a result of said transitions, and our feelings about how we want our futures to take shape from here on.. 

Within these considerations we are also likely to continue the progress made through Venus’s conjunction with Saturn offering clarity about the beneficial essentials needed for our evolution to carry forward and what can fall away.

Current transits may inspire us to take a closer, harder look at the work and obligatory commitments that are draining our resources (i.e. time, attention, money) to the extent that we cannot also afford the same self-care we have been giving out. While dedication to a Saturnian purpose may still be strongly in play, we are pulled powerfully now to remember to maintain the balance of self-awareness and care (if we hadn’t felt it before at winter solstice!) 

With themes like work, progress, and productivity coming from Saturn, our relationship to others coming at from Venus, and an intensified need for emoting and self-care brought on by the full moon, we may find ourselves struggling to reconcile the see-saw balance of trying to live presently in response to nurturing ourselves while trying to appease a world that wants ‘instant-gratification-level’ movement. 

IS IT possible to do both? …or does living presently necessitate living at a slower pace?” 

This question will likely be a core topic we will get to re-address as the year goes by, each time with gained wisdom anchored in new experiences. 

Full Moon in Grand Trine with Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars; opposing point in Kite

Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars lend their energies to the moon very easily now which should give solidify our resolve to really get a handle on what our emotions are causing us to project both in how we are behaving and what we are choosing to draw in our lives. Why? Because while each of these planets can bring delight and blessings, they should also each come with a label warning: USE WITH WISDOM AND MODERATION!! (or risk the pain of disillusionment and excess!) 

Neptune brings possible notions that the Saturnian purpose we feel around the important work we’re doing finds its roots in the spiritual calling that compels us. Visions and dreams deliver creative inspiration and even the people we may be meeting could be messengers of this kind of light. We may feel a keen sense of idealized, spiritual love that sees the interconnectedness in the collective that makes us ONE and it is this compassion we feel for humanity that fuels our purpose-driven work. Maybe. 

Jupiter could be the mature expression of a moral imperative with Mars there to add the fire of movement and passion to the effort. Maybe.

But bear in mind, Mars is a malefic and considered nocturnal in nature; meaning,  he is known in traditional astrology to cause mayhem and his motives are less on the surface of conscious awareness. Jupiter, while considered the Great Benefic, expands and amplifies by nature and can easily exacerbate a situation into ‘too much, too fast’ or cause pain from the perils of gluttony. And NEPTUNE?! …… The shape shifter himself bedazzled in teal-purple mist, ready to enchant and beguile in equal whimsy and often at the same time! Neptune is a beautiful muse also known for deception; sometimes from others but most often by our own refusal to see a reality we perceive as ugly or hurtful. We can think of Neptune as a planet of fantasy and respite where we are allowed to ‘vacation’ as long as we want, using whatever ‘tools’ will help keep us there, with no rules and no judgment. Neptune just blows another puff of ringed smoke in our faces because the reality we will inevitably face when all is said and done is not his to mind…  That’s our problem. Be careful of his sweet lies. Let us determine as best we can the solidity of the dreams we are following before selling the farm.

Mainly, what I’m leading to is this: energies are strongly present for unrealized emotional agendas to run rampant if we use the energy of this full moon, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars to launch full throttle into a particular direction without FIRST dialing in our awareness of what is true in our hearts and real in constant and dependable ways in our lives.

Once in alignment with what we truly want/need and we are pursuing true ideals vs pipe dreams, the potency of the full moon’s associated water grand trine can be applied toward the inspired works of purpose that most mirror the best expression of who we are and our true gifts of love to the collective. 

So, my lovelies….. 

While you work (Saturn), while you play (Sun/Venus/Jupiter), while you dream (Moon/Neptune), while you …….slay? (Mars) lol!! ….ENJOY the kicked up power of this lunar blessing! Use it as another opportunity, nay, your Divine right for nurturing self-care and the cue to act as the agent of alchemical change in your world! Just…. PLEASE COSMICALLY CO-CREATE RESPONSIBLY!  



**PSA Transmission complete.**