An Invitation to the Integrity of Authenticity

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….turns out Saturn had a thing or two to say in last night’s mediation!

I wish I could say I enchanted the evening with corresponding energetic symbols to further draw in Saturn’s energy (i.e. Saturnian stones, herbs, colors, music…. etc.. ) but time was limited and I was already feeling pretty damn-well connected via my own strong natal links (as said many times, Saturn is the CEO of my chart!) and his current transited placement?: EXACTLY CONJUNCT MY ASCENDANT! So I just dove in. Saturn’s succinct any way so he’s fine with down and dirty. And it was if he’d been expecting me…..

Old chums.

“So Scarlet, why did you exclaim “MOTHER FUCK!” the other day??? Is Saturn in Capricorn “BAD?”

Essentially, that depends on your relationship with Saturnian energies but I will say that putting Saturn in a sign that is already totally aligned to his style to communicate his lessons is like giving Popeye his spinach! He’s empowered to be “MORE SATURN-Y” in full Saturn-on-Saturn action! If this is energy you’ve been needing and relate to well, you’ll be ready to run with it. If not, you may have some work to do to find ways to get the best result of his energy in your life.

Those of us who have strong Capricorn energy in our charts should at least feel a sense of familiarity of what is required of us, regardless of how that relationship usually goes. We may be familiar but it is also helpful to remember this is another opportunity to mine more wisdom from Saturn by learning to connect and see him in greater depth.

The long and short of it is, Saturn gets A LOT of negative hype. Partly due to his relationship to the astronomers/ astrologers of antiquity when one’s position in life was viewed as fated in stone and partly due to his own doing for going around eating his own kids while artists captured it in paint :P, Saturn has been known to instill fear.

Saturn also gets a bad wrap because despite his lessons.
being for our benefit, no matter if the lessons areScreen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.40.13 AM

delivered through aspects known for comfort & ease

(trines, sextiles) or harder aspects (squares, oppositions,
conjunctions), often the discomfort to Saturnian
experiences doesn’t feel all that different. Admittedly,

there’s always a range and a “worse” to descend to… but
when it comes to taking one’s medicine, Saturn is
essentially the cherry syrup of the zodiac vs. the bubble
gum or the grape! To many, especially those less
acquainted with working with Saturn or less aligned to his
energy, such experiences only ever feel so good… Sort
of the difference between a drill sergeant that has it out
for you on the severe end vs. the overly invested dad at
his son’s football game who has devoted much time and
effort to his son’s disciplined training and now expects a WIN! Both can drive you into the ground with expectation; one just feels more enthusiastically supportive as he’s doing it.

But Saturn is often paradoxically exactly what he appears to be (a lesson) and yet not at all what he appears to be when we learn the truth the lesson was meant to reveal. My last post highlighted this old image in an effort to face the shadow directly and bring it further into the light where we can really examine it.

So why do we fear Saturn?

Those of us who have any working knowledge of him at all know there is truth in his infamy… Saturn rules concepts like order, discipline, and structure. He brings gifts of mastery but they’re typically hard-won and thwart with blocks, limitations, and/or delays leaving a lot of us feeling like his price is too high with the path of least resistance looking better and better.

What I’ve learned to date is that the judgments ‘good’ or ‘bad’ regarding Saturn and how he will show up for you are mostly influenced by one’s personal disposition to Saturnian energies and can be highly subjective. Questions to consider might be:

  • Is Saturn challenged by placement or aspect in your chart?
  • Is Saturn challenging another sensitive natal planet in your chart? (i.e. Moon, Sun, Venus,Asc) either natally or by transit?
  • Do the overarching emphasis of energies in your chart align well with Saturnian energies?(i.e. Do you have a lot a strong Jupiter that refuses to be confined? Are all your planets in Aquarius balking at having to relinquish the freedom to be unconventional because the situation requires a conformity to a societal norm?One key to fostering a healthier relationship with Saturn is to begin to really understand Saturn’s nature, align our thinking to that nature as best we can, and let those insights begin to form a more realistic view of what we can and probably shouldn’t expect from Saturn in order to avoid disappointment.

Truth: Saturn, on his own, is not partial to you for good or bad. We’re not talking about how he may be aspecting your personal natal chart here. For now, we’re just talking about Saturn’s essence. Saturn, while previously considered a malefic, really acts with neutrality. Our suffering around Saturn tends to come from:

  • …our own thoughts about the perceived hardship he is bringing to our lives. (I’m NOT saying this hardship isn’t real, I’m only suggesting that how we feel about any experience is strongly influenced by what we THINK of that experience so there is an argument to be made that if we can change our perception of an experience, we can have some impact on how we feel about it.
  • …when we expect whatever is representing Saturn in our lives to be invested in our feelings and sensitivities; ignoring the fact that this is not Saturn’s role. Saturn’s sole function is to do what Saturn does and unfortunately for us all, ‘coddling’ and ‘hand- holding’ weren’t on his list. I’m not saying don’t tend those feelings and needs! Certainly, our feelings are valid to honor. I’m only saying just don’t expect anything that looks like Saturn to do it!But that isn’t to say Saturn has nothing of joy to offer! YES, I said JOY! But to understand how, we need to understand HIM.

    Saturn Comes in Many Guises to Hasten Your Personal Integrity

    Saturnian experiences typically come to us via:

    Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.59.29 AM

    -present day external authority figures with expectations
    -our own inner critical dialogues of ‘shoulds’ that we’ve internalized somewhere down the road from past external authority figures with expectations
    -our own internal script given to us from an excess of strong Saturnian energy in our personal natal charts

    Saturn is associated with the ordered World itself and thus, carries the collective voice of societal standards that are often out of sync with our authentic selves. In my experience, the outer voice tends to echo the inner (as within, so without) and the tensions we feel around the misalignment of our true selves trying to appease societal conditioning are the lessons we need and attract to help us resolve this conflict. Basically, we attract the external situation that will best help guide us to our internal truth(s) and it’s through a life lived based on the integrity of these internal truths that lead to living lives of joy.

    Melancholy, Insecurity, Self-Doubt, & Pessimism… OH MY!! Saturn, The Jokester With A Dark Sense of Humor

    Not laughing, you say? You think I’ve clearly misunderstood the core requirements of a joke, you say? Hey, I didn’t say I find it funny!!! But I know Saturn and I’m on to the ways he gets his kicks! Saturn likes to TEST and these feelings known to be illusory and usually anchored in fear, can be seen as just that when Saturn is involved! If Saturn is amping up these feelings in you, it can help to remember Saturn’s purpose for doing so can be to:

    –  reveal to you the areas where your confidence needs healing

–  reveal to you the areas where you need to put in practical effort to develop your ability

–  challenge you to get clear and strong in your purpose, asking: “Do you really want this? How do you            know you know? …because if you want this thing to last, you need to KNOW your why!” and “Do you really BELIEVE you can do this? What makes you think so? Show me! Convince me!” Then while you run off to do just that, in the process you slowly become what you’ve been fearing to create and convince yourself in the most powerful way -your own action- which lends a joyful confidence no one can take from you; and SURPRISE!! …convincing yourself was really what it was about all along anyway, right?! Saturn coyly smiles.

    • Saturn Slows Us Down & Keeps Us RealIronic that the pace of the world, associated symbolically with Saturn itself, currently operates in such a non-Saturnian way when it comes to our expectation for results! Saturn slows us down with limitations, blocks, and delays to:-  give us the opportunity to dig deeper to discover our truest wisdom-  draw our attention inward through meditation and internal reflection-  create a safe, sacred space where we can hold audience for the tender needs of ourhearts and souls (Moons)-  reveal to us that the perception of an external block is actually paradoxically linked to

      an internal block and something in our resistance is telling us that something about

      our end goal or how we’re actively going about achieving it is out of alignment
      (ex. You perceive your external block is a lack of finances but digging deeper reveals your block is actually your internal blocks around money that manifests by not charging your full worth or not believing you have the skill to confidently carry out inspired ideas that will generate greater income! *Entreprenuers, I’m looking to you! * :)

      Saturn & the Moon: A Precarious Balance

      On that final note, I’d like to offer a reminder that in addition to Saturn moving into his own sign, with the Winter Solstice also upon us, the seasonal balance is heavily in Saturn’s domain as well! Further, the moon is currently in Capricorn and Venus will move into Capricorn on 12/25! With such a concentration of energy in Capricorn, it automatically highlights the imbalance and lack of opposite energy in Cancer, or LUNAR energy!

      It has been said that Saturn acts as the polarity to many of the other planets and certainly the Moon is at the top of the list with Cancer directly opposing Capricorn on the zodiacal wheel. Further, the nature of the nurturing nature of the Moon balances the harsher, no nonsense nature of Saturn.

      Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.08.33 AMDue to the current concentrated imbalance, it can be especially important now to bring conscious attention to caring for the needs of our Moon (emotions, soul) because there can be a compulsive tendency to over-emphasize a focus on productivity and work at the expense of tuning in when we really need to! Remember, as two sides of an axis, Saturnian and Lunar energy can work hand in hand to feed each other through the process of DOING & BEING. “Being” is what we are and is often understood through our connection to our hearts (moon) because it is our hearts that carry the secret of our true selves. “Doing” is related to the practical action steps we take to become more of what we need to BE based on who/ what we are. It is very difficult to DO – take action steps – in the right direction until you’ve done the inner work to understand who you ARE. What you then need to DO to BE more of who/what you are then becomes clearer with less wasted time and frustration. This can be a particularly important lesson for entrepreneurs, healers, artists, intuitives, or anyone else involved in the conscious co-creation of their ideal life! Many find that when this balance is maintained, working hard gets replaced with working WISE with energy being channeled purposefully rather than scattered in uncertain starts and stops. Working wisely from heart- centered integrity finds many PRODUCING more than ever giving the appearance of working harder because this time the work feels like joyful freedom making it a pleasure to do!

      When it’s all said and done, what we can say is Saturn delivers a mixed bag of experiences that are often perceived to be mostly negative until our own maturity and perceptions can evolve to meet him in understanding. Depending on the person and the type of experience, that understanding can take a lifetime.

      So to recap, yes, Saturn can come with criticism, doubt, depression, limitations, delays, blocks, destructive discipline, and hard work. If and when Saturn reveals his harsher side, remember to slow down, be willing to dig deeper to understand the lesson, and counter the hurts with self-care that supports your emotional needs.

      Otherwise, Saturn also refines, polishes, sharpens, deepens, enriches fortifies, constructively disciplines, empowers, clarifies, offers certainty, stabilizes, provides structures and systems, gives us purposeful work that, while challenging, feels rewarding and empowering to complete, manifests, grounds, informs about the laws of causes and effect, reveals karmic ties, instills longevity and integrity, and affords self-mastery! So this can be an excellent time to gain success in goals that require these attributes (i.e. your writing project, finding your business’s purpose, committing to a weight loss plan, attending to your financial health by ‘keeping your mind on money and your money on your mind’, etc…. :))))) Sorry, had to. :P )

      Magical Associations:

      Day of the Week: Saturday

      Element: Earth, Water

      Metal: Lead
      Direction: North

      Tarot: The World, The Hanged Man, Death, The Devil
      Rune: Peorth
      Chakra: Muladhara (root), Anahata (heart), Visuddha (throat), Sahasrara (crown)

      Colors: black, brown, purple, navy blue, dark grey, dark green, indigo, light yellow
      Qualities: Yin, Restricting, Limiting, Firm, Solid, Tangible, Structured

      Alchemical Process: Nigredo, Calcination                                                Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.11.04 AM
      Incense: Myrrh, Spikenard, Harmal, Copal, Aloe
      Trees: Beech, Holly, Poplar, Scotch Pine, Yew, Aspen, Rowan,
      Blackthorn, Cypress, Fir, Elm, Magnolia, Mimosa, Witch Hazel
      Plants: Datura, Comfrey, Heartsease, Red Root, Uva Ursi, Kava
      Kava, Amaranth, Ivy, Lobelia, Horsetail, Quince, Monkshood,
      Morning Glory, Rue, Solomon’s Seal, Belladonna, Bittersweet,
      Boneset, Buckthorn, Hellebore, Hemlock, Henbane, Knot Weed,
      Lady’s Slipper, Mandrake, Mullein, Patchouli, Pansy, Skullcap,
      Tamarind, Thornapple
      Stones: Onyx, Jet, Diamond, Obsidian, Apache Tears, Azurite,
      Hematite, Jasper (brown), Tourmaline (black), Serpentine, Black
      Tools: Hourglass, Scythe, Scales, Shadows, Sickle, Veil
      Creatures: Goat, Donkey, Bee, Beaver, Tortoise, Wren, Crow,
      Body: bones, teeth, skin, knees, ligaments, auditory organs, gall bladder, the body’s protein, parathyroid glands, tendons, joints, spleen, all hardening and aging processes, long-term memory, rheumatism, depression, lethargy
      Gods: Janus, Saturn, Kronos (Cronus), Ninib, Amun, Khensu Saturn
      Goddesses: Ariadne, Ceres, Demeter, Durga, Hecate, Hera, Juno, Kali, Rhea
      Archangel: Tzaphkiel, Cassiel
      Angel: Oriphiel
      Archetypes: Father Time, Father, the Oppressor, the Sage, the Crone, Master, Teachers (esp. strict ones!)

      Magically, Saturn can be great for any work pertaining to his natural function (i.e. grounding, binding, manifesting, protecting, purifying, karmic work, coming to terms with reality and/or influencing it, etc… )