Scarlet Who?

You’re here because you’ve always been a seeker of truth and you’ve sensed that there is a natural rhythm to the Universe that bears influence in our lives….

You’ve heard, and have maybe even witnessed, for yourself that it is possible to align our own intentions, actions, and life cycles to a natural order of Divine creation for greater success and a better quality of life overall…

With a hunger to live a fully realized life grounded in your authentic truth and passion, you are here because you are willing to dare to explore beyond comfortable falsehoods to lay bare the truth of your own beauty…

Deep down, you have always been aware that you are MAGIC with unique gifts that have the power to transform, heal, create, and achieve profound states of love….

You are here because you have heard the call to awaken and realize THIS life and now nothing short of it will do!

If you’ve been guided here, trust that there is a Divine Synchronicity operating even in that.

I’m Scarlet Korvina and it has been my life’s work to help free-thinking, courageous spirits like you find their way home to wholeness, a deeper connection to Divinity, and their most fulfilling expression of their personal magic.

Together we will uncover what the secret language of the stars has to reveal about your past, present, and future with an understanding that your free will is your birthright making you a co-creator in your own manifestation.

Through astrology, mindfulness coaching, yoga, and divination, we will neutralize crippling beliefs, fortify the power of the mind, connect to the hidden wisdom held in the body, and find pathways of deeper connection to Divinity; the power that feeds your personal magic.

Together, through highs or lows, we will walk side-by-side as you will learn how to connect to the stars yourself and become the alchemist of your own life!

Hearing the calling?

Let’s talk over tea

Let’s hop on a call and I’ll guide you on your best next step. Book bellow and than grab your favorite tea!

But why should you trust me?

While it’s true that I have 30 years of a broad spectrum of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge paired with training in yoga and mindfulness coaching, I have learned as much or more in simply walking my talk.

Because believe me, I didn’t just get here overnight! It actually took me 24 of those 30 years to feel free to step into the light to share this with you. Why? Keep reading. I can’t wait for you to have access to this!

Scarlet’s Story

Picture it. It was the seventies. Astrology was big back then. I was hanging out with my mom and her friends.

My mom’s friend asked:
“So what’s her sign?”
My mom:
“She’s an Aquarius like me.”
Mom’s friend: (BIG smile of approval)
“…oh, well that explains it!”

And just like that, that little piece of information fascinated the 4 year old me.

What did he see?
Explains what?!

As a shy, only child from a strictly structured Christian family, I was pretty used to keeping unseen in the background. But suddenly, I felt not only seen, but seemingly understood in a way no one had ever done before. But HOW? And what did it mean to be an “Aquarius?”

It would be several years before I would be able to answer that question. Given Christianity’s historical relationship with astrology, it bares testament to the strength of my calling to become an astrologer that the tiny seed my mother planted by simply introducing my sun sign to me would root so strongly and grow as it has, despite the barren soil of the environment!

But grow it did.

Over the years, I fell into the passionate fever of exploring metaphysics with a specific focus on astrology. Absorbing any book I could get my hands on, I practiced astrology informally for years with family and friends until at last I found the astrology mentor for the ‘student who was finally ready.’

My education continued with additional mentors, Kepler College, and the unparalleled wisdom amassed from real-life application. Collectively, I’ve been studying and practicing astrology for over 30 years.

Still, as I said, my decision to embrace the commitment required to pursue a professional career as an astrologer didn’t come until I was 24 years into informal training! Because until then, I was still carrying doubt from well-meaning, but outdated, familial scripts that told me working as a professional astrologer wasn’t possible – or worse- it was against the will of God.

Until just 6 years ago, I was still trying to appease God and my family with ‘right’ choices that made me deeply unhappy.

We spend a sizable chunk of our lives in whatever work we choose and you deserve to find the work that delivers fulfillment.

Until the Universe finally gave me the push I truly wanted and needed, I spent those days as a Production Associate at Walt Disney Television Animation shuffling through stressful deadlines, corporate red tape, long hours, depleting benefits, and little job security for a salary that didn’t meet the cost of living anyway.

Little did I know Pluto (the planet, not the character) was on his way to totally upend my world!

I still remember the first doodle I drew of the company logo I might have some day that one afternoon, daydreaming about what it would be like to finally have the time and freedom to start my practice as a professional astrologer…..

But just like they say,

“Be careful what you ask for!”

Unsurprisingly, the Universe heard and finally delivered on all my longing for what could be. One minute I was doodling a logo, the next I was being laid off!

As many do when the thing they think they’ve always wanted but never believed would happen finally HAPPENS, I spiraled in panic, totally unprepared and without a clue what to do next. Stricken with fear, I even attempted to cling to the familiar despite the fact that my soul already knew the truth.

Like most Pluto transits of death and rebirth, when a thing is done, it’s DONE.

I didn’t belong there anymore and my time there was over. Despite some half-hearted employment at Sony Studios before embarking on my true life’s work for good, my time in the entertainment industry had ended.

In such moments of fear, even knowing what I did then academically as an astrologer, I was new to actually LIVING the experience of a tougher outer transit like Pluto!

I took a few more wrong turns and false leads in my desperate attempt to grasp onto something solid in the midst of watching the life and identity I’d known til then fall apart.

Nursing… Speech Pathology… but nothing satiated the undying pull I had toward astrology. Unbeknownst to me, the longer I tried to ignore it, the more my resentment grew.

Sometime during the entanglement of registering for my third semester, something in me broke. Broke through… broke open..

As I sat there heaving for air on the stairs of the Pasadena City College Administration building, imagining the mountain of academia I had yet to climb to achieve a career I knew in my soul I didn’t want, my body cued me into what my mind and heart were fighting hard to ignore through my first real life panic attack.

A therapy visit and a bit of soul searching later, I finally realized that no matter what else I did in life, if I wanted to be truly happy, that life would have to include a practice of astrology in some fashion.

Once my heart and mind were also fully on board, it wasn’t after that I took the leap. In steps that were really far more complex, difficult, and longer in process, I basically left school. Left Pasadena. Relocated to live with my mother in San Juan Capistrano and proceeded with the business of reinventing my life. Pluto crossed my ascendant in 2008 and I haven’t looked back since.

My relationship with Pluto, and the other outer planets, has since deepened.


Knowing what I know now today, I would not have resisted or carried as much fear, guilt, and loneliness as I did.

Still, though there have been challenges, I can joyfully say in total honesty and in deep gratitude that there satisfaction, inner strength, and profound peace I’ve gained on the other side in KNOWING I am living in alignment with my truest expression and path of Divine design has been worth it! Living this work and this life has been WORTH IT.

Today it is one of my deepest joys to walk by your side, illuminating your path with compassion, insight, and shared laughs as you brave your own transition to awakening.

Together we will uncover the keys to your inner ‘alchemist of the soul’ and it’s my honor to reveal them with you!

Why Astrology

Universal Language…

While it’s true that astrology isn’t the only tool of awakening to self-awareness, in my experience, it’s one of the most timeless, universal, and most easily accessible. Because astrology speaks in the unifying language of archetypes, themes collectively experienced as part of the human condition, it communicates cross-culturally.

Divine Connection…

But perhaps even more poignant and magical than that, astrology – dependent on a celestial system no human could have made – is arguably the language of GOD, the Universe, or whatever Divine consciousness responsible for the obvious order and synchronicity inherent in the stars and their relevance to our lives.

“Astrology is to speak to angels …to confront the stars and demand they speak to you!”

– William Lily (traditional astrologer)

The unexpected benefit of realizing the signature of Divinity inherent in the stars can be a deeper sense of connection with our own Divine purpose. We gain validation for hunches we always suspected might be truth and perspective instead of feelings of victimhood in times of challenging growth. Painful, catalytic events find context and clarity turning potential traumas into manageable stepping stones. Most importantly, we begin to see how our own personal blueprint (birth chart) outlining our Divine purpose is woven into a bigger pattern that interconnects us all.

No Belief Necessary!….

Still, astrology doesn’t rest on any specific religious association and does not require belief! In fact, though spiritual insight is often the result, a spiritual approach to astrology is not at all necessary to enjoy its gifts.

Astrology is rooted in the very real, observable, and predictable cyclical movements of our solar system. Essentially like watching a great cosmic clock, astrology simply reveals what is, deeper insights about what has been, and what has the potential to be. The language can be easily translated once you understand the shorthand of what you’re looking at!

Living and Evolving…

As old, widespread, and adaptable astrology has been, it’s continues to slowly evolve and expand with our own understanding of our natural world (i.e. the discovery of new celestial bodies) and our relationship with it. The new patterns of time-tested experience these new celestial bodies bring are observed and researched slowly over long periods.

But to know the stars, you really can’t just study them…. To truly gain the best understanding of the stars, you need to LIVE them! Having grown up with the stars and evolved in my awareness and practice of correlating them with the unfolding of my life, I have come to know there is no better way to understand the specific relevance the Universe’s natural celestial cycles have to our personal, individual lives. Astrology is an extremely functional tool that makes the everyday magic of life more accessible so, ultimately, I don’t want to just tell you about the stars, I want to teach you how to live with them! By demystifying and translating all the astrological jargon of this ancient archetypal language into a fun context you can easily put to practical use, I can show you HOW to live in alignment with natural cycles to your greatest advantage!

Why Mindfulness Coaching?

Sometime during my early work as a consulting astrologer and tarot reader, I began to realize I had some excellent tools for shedding light on the issues at hand but none of my tools really offered my clients much in the way of finding workable solutions to them. Further, to no surprise, the few psychology classes I’d taken as a psyche major were lacking in providing me with the consulting skills I felt I needed to be able to address deeper wounds caused by trauma.

When I discovered Martha Beck’s ‘Wayfinder’ style of coaching, it was an immediate hit of truthful resonance in my gut. Until then, becoming a life coach held no appeal at all. What I fell in love with about Martha’s approach was her ‘live it to give it’, lead-by-example philosophy that paralleled my own. I loved the notion of speaking to the untamed, authentic self determined to ‘find THEIR way’ of living in personal truth and integrity. I loved the idea of being the window the allows others to see their own answers vs. being the door attempting to show others my answers or my way. Most of all, I loved that part of my journey to become a coach meant first coaching myself (‘live it to give it!’) where I was able to see first hand the POWER of the mind and how effectively the ‘so simple it’s not’ ability of reframing the thoughts that cause us the most suffering could be neutralized, setting me totally free to transcend limitations I once believed I had! Whether it is empowering a thought form or practicing the law of attraction, metaphysics had already taught me the critical significance of metacognition: the mindful awareness of our own thinking. More often referred to today as ‘mindfulness,’ I knew the ability to effectively shift a deeply ingrained thought or belief rooted in fear and limitation was a profound gift and an essential component to being able to manifest our best lives.

Through my training as a Martha Beck Inc life coach, I not only gained tools to speak to the various types of personal pain and suffering, but I came away with pragmatic step-by-step tools to meet some of life’s day-to-day obstacles. Begun just after my move to San Juan Capistrano, in my own crash course of spiritual awakening and epic life transition, my training as an MBI life coach gave me the tools I needed to cope with the reality of my Uranus opposition, Neptune square, and Pluto square! Now, having come through the other end transformed, using the same life long tools, I have and continue to ‘live it to give it!’

Why Yoga

“Yoga is everything.”
– Linda Crossley, Cloud Nine Yoga Instructor E-RYT500

In truth, yoga itself provides tools for aligning the mind, body, and spirit by focusing the mind, conditioning the body, and regulating breath; supporting a union with spirit.

But these tools not only benefit the goals of yoga:

stress reduction…
strengthening and stretching the body….
enhancing mindful focus and concentration …

…but once developed, these skills become pillars of support in every other area of life.

  • Mindful concentration improves the ability to reframe limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  • Heightened awareness of the body’s natural alignments can improve how the body moves and functions in any other physical activity for maximum performance.
  • Regulation of the breath also improves physical performance by circulating oxygen where the body needs it and calms anxiety.
  • Deepening the ability to draw focus inward into meditation opens the heart providing the link to spirit while also reducing stress, which improves everything from how we cope with problems and relate to others to how well we sleep and the body’s response to fitness and nutrition.

While yoga comes with tools for our ‘whole package,’ given the Divine link we gain through astrology and the supportive training we get for mindfulness through MBI coaching, I was primarily interested in yoga’s gifts for supporting the physical body and it’s unique ability to provide a more visceral introduction to spirit through our connection to the body!

The awareness that the body itself is so much more than just a physical vessel of transportation but actually has important messages to reveal about our authentic truth first came to me through MBI coaching. Since the body commonly manifests physical symptoms as indicators of emotional and psychological distress, learning to speak the body’s language can raise awareness to the limiting beliefs embedded deep in the psyche seeking the necessary attention to be healed.

Further, for those who struggle with a natural aptitude for spirituality or connectedness to the Divine, learning to tune into the subtle energetic and physical shifts of the body during the art of ‘moving meditation’ through yogic postures can provide a tangible bridge to physically FEEL the presence of spirit in the body’s breath, mind, and heart. Opening energetic centers called ‘chakras’ activates a direct link to Divine union, or ‘samadhi’, making a spiritual connection a more accessible reality.

Sooner or later we begin to realize there isn’t anything in our lives that can’t be improved through yogic practice and the development of its tools. And because we frequently find ourselves in need of employing the tools we learn through yoga in everyday life, we find we come into connection with yoga in nearly everything we do!

Yoga IS, in fact, EVERYTHING!

So, what IS an
‘Alchemist of the Soul?’

Another branch of metaphysics that has gained renewed life, there are arguably as many versions and implications for the practice of ‘alchemy’ today as there were during its peek in the Middle Ages.

However, these days ‘alchemical transformations’ are more often a description of the inner work of healing and evolving into refined states of integration and enlightenment vs. any physical experiments to change lead into gold. Whether the achievement of transmuting material substance was ever the actual goal remains a topic of debate!

My relationship with alchemy, at its core, has always been connected to the fundamental process of transmuting the ‘gross, material, and human condition’ into the ‘refined, spiritual, and evolved versions of our truest selves.’

Sometimes referred to as “The Great Work,” inner alchemy of the soul is the process of opening, connecting, healing, and transcending… where trauma and self-defeating limitations are released and we are re-integrated with our truest selves through the realization of who we have always been.

Though some might say being born with Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto strong in the birth chart is a hardship, I embrace them with gratitude because it has been my own astrological proclivities and life experiences that have afforded me with the unique ability to traverse challenging trials of tumultuous change and uncertainty with resilience and grace.

True to the MBI coaching signature of ‘living it to give it,’ I am no stranger to the long nights of the soul when we are called to strip away false expressions of ego and identity.

I can commiserate and offer guidance during the long, muddled liminal space in-between the death of the old expression and the birth of the new…. And I understand what it takes to face ‘walls of fire’ in order to allow the release of trauma and mine the gifts within it for personal empowerment after coming through reborn on the other side!

For these reasons and more, I stand strong in my ownership of being an ‘alchemist of the soul.’ I’ve certainly earned it! That said, anyone can be!

It is part of my life’s passion to help you bridge connections to …

  • your own inner alchemical power to transcend trauma, re-integrate with your authentic self, and realize your soul’s intended purpose…
  • your deepest experience of self-love through the mirrored recognition of Divinity within.
  • the highest expression of YOU, empowered, fully realized and ready to wield the personal MAGIC gifted to you by Divine birthright to create the life you want!

Whether it be internal growth or the tumultuous flux of life, transitions can be difficult and scary but I can help! And if you’re here, you’re likely already hearing the call to awaken…..

It is the honor of my life’s work to assist your awakening and remembering of who you ARE as it is written in the stars….

This is YOUR time!! Will you answer the call?

In your transition of becoming…


Spiritual Leanings

& Purpose Today…

In addition to being a conduit for the awakened rebirth of the authentic self, I find my deepest sense of fulfillment assisting in areas related to:

Discovering life purpose
through vocational aptitude or spiritual calling
Harmonizing personal relationships
Supporting holistic wellness
Nurturing strategies for self-care
while neutralizing suffering and…
Advocating for mental illness

My approach to spirituality today is quite simply through actively connecting to and channeling universal, unconditional LOVE to my best ability. Steeped in wisdom from a wide breadth of spiritual doctrines and philosophies ranging from a hodgepodge of metaphysical modalities and the ways of the Craft to various Eastern traditions and Christianity, I am a reflection of the eclectic spiritual training in which I’ve been raised.

I own the gifts each have given and accept how each have made me who I am today. Grateful for the diversity of scope my background has provided me, I generally connect easily with all walks of spirituality and welcome differences with compassion and acceptance.

No less eclectic in my practice of astrology, I have foundations in both Evolutionary and Traditional systems and employ both in my work today; each lending unique benefits.


A word charged with so much mystery and the ominous nuance of the taboo…

but what does it really mean?

Given the dramatically sensationalized reputation of the archetype, the current variety of witches around today, and the numerous ways possible to answer this question, I felt it imperative to simply address what being a witch means to me here and now.

The Witch In the Room

My exploration of occult knowledge began at the of age 15 around the same time I’d finally begun to take my childhood introduction to astrology seriously.

It was then that I also picked up my first deck of tarot cards and several books on metaphysics; specifically related to the ‘old ways’ or ‘witchcraft.’

Like my calling to astrology, my journey into metaphysics deepened until I was finally led to a proper initiation into the ‘Craft of the Wise’ where my reconnection to my power as a witch was fully awakened.

Schooled and lovingly raised by a group of mentors and peers that became my spiritual family, I studied and trained for the several ‘years and a day’ required to achieve the final rank within my tradition as Elder High Priestess. Though I have assumed a solitary practice today, my links to my spiritual family remain and my development in the Craft is as ever, ongoing.

Like so many who have heard the call to be seeds of catalytic healing and transformation for the greatest good of others, I thrive in the liminal space between heaven and earth, the sacred and the mundane, the spiritual and the practical, subtle energy and material form … and I delight in being a mediator of interpretation to bridge the illusion of separation between them.

Identifying as a witch has always just felt natural to me.

I never gave my motivations for it or the specific type I might label myself much thought until the recent wave of witchcraft’s renewed popularity and all of its subdivisions came to light.

If pressed, my affiliation with the Craft and my expressions as a witch resonate to a free association that looks something like this….

Green (nature, herbal apothecary)
Kitchen (magic in cooking)
Eclectic (draws inspiration from many pantheons/cultures)
Feminine empowerment
Unapologetic love and ownership of all that I am; including the shadow of the human condition
Wielder of magic 
Recognizing and connecting to Divinity in nature

Harmonizer with natural cycles and forces
Co-creator of reality
Creative, playful, and sometimes mischievous
Passionate and sensual reveler of life
Empath, Channel, & Psychic

Liminal Space Traveller
Keeper of wisdom; especially esoteric
Courageously embarking on ‘The Great Work’ of inner alchemy (no ‘spiritual bypassing’)
Light vs. Dark (*in this case, ‘dark’ is meant as initiating conscious, unprovoked harm*)
Seeker and Defender of Truth
Spiritual Warrior
Fighter for Love

My training in the craft is simply part of my authentic background that taught me much of what I know about metaphysics and energy work today.

Increasing interest in occult knowledge in mainstream awareness today signals an age of darkness that is increasingly giving way to an age of illumination. As the collective consciousness ascends into higher levels of enlightenment, now is the time to act as an agent of light and clarity.

There was no accident in me remembering my calling to the Craft at 15, no mistake in the life I’ve lived, and nothing unintentional about how those experiences have so seamlessly tied into my life’s purpose today.

Assisting the collective awakening by allowing myself to be seen for who and what I am in this role to dispel ignorance and falsehoods is part of my service and honor to this spiritual path that has shaped me, my ancestors who walked it before me, and to those who are just hearing the call to walk it themselves.

“So mote it be!”

Love, Cats & Hobbies

Scarlet and her partner Colin Marshall share custody of their three cats, Harley, Edgar, and Weston. Her life joys are most often found in painting, cooking – see the alchemical kitchen -, reading, sipping tea, crafting (esp. with paper), candle & soap making, yoga, kickboxing, sky diving, creating memories with loved ones, meditating, recharging in nature amongst the trees or at the beach, and always… ALWAYS… gazing at the stars.

Still Curious?



Who is ‘Scarlet Korvina?’

It never occurred to me that choosing to assume a name I wasn’t given at birth might somehow seem deceptive or inauthentic…

“What is she trying to hide?”

“What part of her past does she not want us to see?”

“Is that where her ego is now?!

…assuming a new name she responds to exclusively because she’s too good for where she came from?”

To be honest, interpretations like that never crossed my mind and initially came as a shock to see from alternate perspectives. But that’s undoubtedly because I’ve always known the back story with a given understanding of how true to my authentic self ‘Scarlet Korvina’ really is.

It couldn’t have been much longer than a year or so after 2008 when Pluto crossed my ascendant and all this epic transforming of my being and my life began. But the transition was not immediate.

Still settling into my decision to commit to my passion working as a professional astrologer full time, I was fresh into my stint of employment at metaphysical shops. Beginning first as a tarot reader at The Cauldron Kitty, I gained exposure and clientele while increasing and improving my astrological skills until the opportunity to share them opened.

One quiet and otherwise nondescript afternoon, Lorna Firman, owner of The Cauldron Kitty and then my boss, suggested the notion that if I wanted to take a new name as a symbolic statement of coming out into the world in this new expression, it seemed a fitting time to do so given all my recent steps towards the transition.

Initiations, baptisms…

…or really any period, commemorated by ceremony or not, that denotes a significant shedding of the old self into a rebirth of the new has historically been met with the tradition of assuming a new name that reflects that transformation.

This practice is perhaps no more observed than in traditional rites of the craft where the spiritual path itself is an ongoing commitment to the Great Work of inner alchemy and spiritual shape shifting.

Now that I was finally daring to actively and consciously bring my spiritual work into my everyday work of making a living, stepping into a name that honored the leap felt right.

“But what’s in a name?”

Well, everything actually. Meaning, intention, resonance, symbolism, tone… while our core truth may never change, we can and often do take on energetic influences carried in the titles we assume.

So, after a bit of deliberation, it finally came down to this…..


…because it’s fire, the spark needed for creativity and powerful change.
…because it’s the passion of my drive and my passion for astrology.
…because it’s life-giving blood that connects us to the vulnerability of being human.
…because ‘Scarlet O’hara’ was my Scorpion grandmother’s favorite character in “Gone With the Wind” and it makes me feel closer to her.
…because it’s my favorite color.


…because ‘Ravyn’ was part of my first initiated craft name and I wanted the name to denote that I was changed yet still ultimately the same.
…because ravens are symbols of transformation, magic, loyalty, protection, playfulness, and wisdom.
…because I was once (incorrectly) informed that ‘corvino’ meant ‘raven’ in Italian and now it’s just stuck. :P
…because I just like ‘K’s’ better and the ‘A’ at the end is a common feminine linguistic signature.

And just like that, ’Scarlet Korvina’ as my working craft name in the everyday world and my ‘doing business as’ name was born! A perfect marriage of the spiritual and mundane.

In the end, I hold both my birth and chosen names dear but typically leave my birth name to those who have always known me as such and appreciate the special bond we share when they use it.

While my birth name marks my physical rite of passage into this world, ‘Scarlet Korvina’ is a very personal moniker marking my most significant rebirth: the initiation of my awakening into my most authentic self.