The Quest


The memory is vivid. Age 5, I sscarlet_chalkat frozen, hanging wide-eyed onto my mother’s quizzical words, “You’re an Aquarius” while struggling to grasp what she could possibly mean. Still, the information seemed important and special somehow so I kept it next to me tightly like a hidden pearl. My first introduction and earliest memory of the excitement astrology would continue to bring for years to come, it was an event that no doubt sewed the seed of action toward an awaiting destiny. If ever there was a relationship that felt ‘written in the stars’ or so unavoidably ‘fated,’ this torch I’ve carried for astrology since then suggesting such a destiny somewhere in the heavens has made a compelling case!

By age 15, I had become an independent but avidly committed student digging into whatever astrology and metaphysical books I could find; including the discovery of my first tarot deck. Still, the notion of making a life as a professional astrologer was taboo in my strongly Christian family, still generally unsupported in society, and would not really become a plausible reality in my head for years to come. Until then, much time passed spent searching for that rare hybrid of “respectable job” that also brought joy coming anywhere close to the joy found through my astrological calling. In that vain effort, the wide spectrum of transitory employment included such duties as graveyard security alarm dispatcher, licensed cosmetologist, Herbalist assistant and store clerk, henna tattooist, lots of retail of course, and a host of others that all fell anywhere from lack luster to soul-sucking.

Finally, Pluto’s life-changing transit over my Ascendant in 2008 ‘released’ me from my day job of sevenpluto x's asc years as a Production Coordinator in the Television Animation department of Walt Disney Studios by permanently ending my employment there through a lay off. As is often the case in such transitions, I didn’t know at the time that this tumultuous ending would also be the beginning of a more fulfilling life. I never considered that this event could be the answer to the countless daydreams of being an astrologer I’d entertained in my cubicle. Just a week prior, even, I’d doodled an image of a sacred heart as a possible logo for the astrological practice I envisioned; an image that did eventually become the logo for my first website.

Towards the end of 2010, I made the difficult decision to finally venture out on my own professionally to put learned skills to the test. Once again, the universe heard my heart and within just a few months, I was graced with the serendipitous discovery of The Green Man Store in North Hollywood, a bookstore and center for metaphysical learning, that was, then, just opening and in need of gifted healers and counselors.

I worked as The Green Man’s resident astrologer for approximately 4 years where I continued to hone my counseling skills, developed and taught a number of astrological workshops, and wrote monthly submissions for a featured astrological blog.

After gaining rich experience working in my field, coupled with a long distance move and finally feeling ready to take another leap of faith, I left The Green Man toward the beginning of 2014 with the intent to launch my independent practice of ‘spiritual counseling.’ Opposed to simply employing astrology as my only coaching tool, the need to develop a practice that incorporated more became evident to me through my dissatisfaction for what I felt my astrological tools could offer in helping others cope with the actual suffering and pain of difficult life transitions. My background in psychology and interpersonal relating was all well enough for topics that were ‘emotionally light.’ But I wanted to find a better way to meet clients dealing with the emotional heavyweights like profound loss of loved ones or identity when the need arose.

TreeofsoulAnswered prayers came, this time, in the discovery of Martha Beck’s life coaching program that promotes a number of concepts like “live it to give it,” The Work of Byron Katie using inquiry to unravel limiting beliefs, and mindfulness techniques that were already aligned to my own ideologies and practices of being. It was a natural fit confirmed by the ‘tingles of truth’ you often experience when met with something that resonates with your essential self and I’m now delighted to say that the whole experience has been another pivotal blessing in my journey that has left me forever changed.

The discovery of Kepler College, school of astrology, and the decision to attend came intermeshed with all the rest during the many transitions of 2014. Despite my years of study and practice, up until my attendance at Kepler, my astrological theory and practice had been solely based in the Modern Evolutionary perspective with the majority of my emphasis in natal and relationship (synastry) astrology. I chose to attend Kepler to broaden my astrological tool set with a Traditional Classical perspective and other advanced tools. In truth, the study of astrology is the study of the universe, to which there is no known end. Combined with my inextinguishable love for the discipline, I suspect my approach to astrology will always echo the revered sentiment of Michelangelo, “I am still learning.”

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Academic Advancements

Martha Beck Certified

28 years Experience of Astrological Study & Practical Application

Kepler College – Diploma course and Level III Certification in the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR) in progress

                               Martha Beck Inc. – Certified Life Coach

From An Astrological Perspective….

Stars in the Blood: A Closer Analysis of Scarlet's Cosmic DNA


Naturally, the most persuasive evidence of my destined realization as an astrologer comes from the configurations in my own birth chart. In addition to the significant astrological indicators, aspects outlining my aptitude to meet the various skill requirements my work calls for such as: counseling, healing, effectively communicating and relating, providing stable emotional support, teaching, inspiring joy, staying in integrity, trusting intuition, and the courage to walk with others through the darkness of profound internal, alchemical transformations and life transitions are, gratefully, present as well.

Astrological literature most often credits Uranus as the ruler of astrology and, by the ModernUranus Evolutionary school of thought, the zodiacal sign Aquarius. The asteroid, Urania, is another common pointer toward astrological pursuits. That said, Uranus paired up with Urania and my Midheaven (public image) in my 10th house of career in a harmonious trine aspect to my Aquarian Sun sitting in my 2nd house of money and values presents a solid case from the start! Not only do these factors merge astrology into my natural expression of being, but they also indicate a likelihood of income gained through an astrological profession. Further, astrology may become a foundation and instructional aid through which I come to define personal values. Indeed, astrology has been the language that most easily puts into context the lessons of life that have shaped who I am today.

antique_moon_phases_journalMy Moon, happily exalted in Taurus in the 5th house of creativity and fun, keeps me emotionally balanced and grounded. It is from this place that I draw much of my ability to be the calm in the storm, to truly listen with patient ears, and to respond with a soulful, ‘Earth Mother’ presence of comfort. The Moon rules the zodiacal Sun sign, Cancer, which sits on my 7th house of others. Essentially, my natural inclination is to nurture others through creativity, unflappable emotional support, and as much laughter as I can get away with. My keepsake astrological report journals are another example of the creative expression related to this placement.

Saturn, the Traditional Classical ruler of Aquarius, also in harmonious trine aspect to my Sun, suggests that with time and hard work, I may achieve some level of self-mastery of all I’m striving to become with the ability to then teach what’s been learned. Further, it is through Saturn’s opposition to my Neptune that I navigate and teach by example the balance between spiritual practice and the practical work necessary to manifest dreams.


A highlighted 6th and 12th house brings the service of healing keenly into my sight of purpose further emphasized by Chiron, the wounded healer of ancient mythology, bending my lunar nodes. Compassion for the suffering of others through intimate awareness has come to be one of my greatest gifts.

Capricorn on the Ascendant with Jupiter in Capricorn in the 1st house of self, along with Neptune and Mars in Sagittarius, integrates an optimistic disposition, authenticity and integrity as the cornerstones of my moral fiber along with an insatiable thirst for philosophical wisdom to store in my Aquarian water jug for future offerings to my fellow brothers and sisters.

aquarius sigilVenus in Aquarius gives me sympathy for the human condition while Neptune in the 12th house of the subconscious, dreams, and psychic awareness dispositing my Mercury in Pisces in the 3rd house of communication and cognition highlights my heightened intuition as an Empath.

Mercury in Pisces in the 3rd house of cognition in a harmonious sextile aspect to my Ascendant offers diplomacy, communicative skill, and enhances my creative flair.058

Finally, empowerment to traverse dark nights of alchemical transformation, face fears, fight internaldemons, and neutralize the limiting beliefs I like to call ‘paper dragons,’ is an undeniable gift of my Pluto in Libra, also in my 10th house of career, contra-parallel my Sun, tensely square my Mars in Sagittarius joining my Ascendant from the 12th, and harmoniously trine my Venus.

While there are easily a great deal more complex details that outline the profile of my birth chart, the aforementioned aspects reveal some of the key sources where I find my life’s purpose, methods of practice, and deepest satisfaction in my ability to serve as an astrologer and alchemical life coach.

     The Archetype: ‘Scarlet Korvina’



‘Scarlet Korvina’ began as a spiritual re-naming to more consciously reclaim the truth of my essential self shortly after I made the decided commitment to pursue my dream to become an astrologer in 2008. As is common to assume a new name to mark a right of passage in many spiritual paths, it was also a customary practice in the metaphysical forum I found my first professional work as an astrologer. So I chose a name that, to me, held personal meaning and revealed a deeper truth about my spirit. Essentially, ‘Scarlet Korvina’ is a name intended to describe a personal archetypal concept. As Jungian psychology describes, archetypes generally refer to the inherited unconscious ideas, characteristics, and images universally present in our collective psyches. Pure prototypes often passed down through the ages as themes or symbols through literature, paintings, or mythology shape and uncover thought forms such as ‘mother,’ ‘lover,’ ‘warrior,’ and ‘trickster’ in ways we all just seem to instinctively understand with no explanation.

Astrology, with all of its correlated myth ascribed to each planetary body, relies heavily on the quintessential language of archetypes to convey the meaning of the planets as they relate to each other and influence us personally.

Therefore, as a newly realized astrologer being reborn with the first steps to initiate my new life working within this ancient discipline, it felt fitting to communicate the two personal archetypes in me that most aptly convey my love and practice of astrology.



scarlet heartAs the color would suggest, ‘Scarlet’ represents passion, intensity, exuberance, and verve. Arguably, an expression of an out-of-bounds Mars on the Ascendant square Pluto and a trine from Pluto to Venus, ’Scarlet’ is passion for astrology, passion for sharing whatever Divine light and love that has been imbued in me to assist others,  …passion for life itself. ‘Scarlet’ is the lifeblood that vitalizes me, the excitement that compels me, and the commitment to endure the sacred heart that feels the ecstasy of pain and joy in equal measure.


A little trickier to explain but here it goes. ‘Korvina’ is a word I use that loosely translates to ‘raven.’ A symbol of wisdom, loyalty, and a death-to-rebirth kind of transformation inherent in the alchemical process, the raven has been a long-favored personal totem. But ‘raven’ is a favored name in the metaphysical community I’d been working in so I’d set out to find another way to express it. Amusingly, I arrived at this word when a poor language translator helped me stumble upon ‘corvino’ (supposedly ‘raven’ in Italian. It’s not.) But that happy accident combined with a few stolen liberties, like adding a ‘K’ to appease my inexplicable appeal for the Eastern European aesthetic and an ‘a’ on the end to denote femininity, and ‘corvino’ became ‘Korvina.’


A Summation   …Striving to Be Greater Than Its Parts

  • cross_sacrletI appreciate the genuine in people and I love to laugh.
  • I’m open-minded, non-judgmental, and sincerely intrigued with who you are and how I can best help you shine!
  • I hold myself to a high standard of honesty, respect, compassion, and professionalism and hope, in our working together, you will do the same.
  • I hold strong conviction in my practice of “living it to give it,” meaning while not perfect I make my best effort to ‘walk my walk’ and live the ideals I promote. This means the tools and life strategies I offer you are the same I use myself and understand to be effective through experience. I admire those who lead by example. It’s my goal to be one of them.
  • My fundamental spiritual principle is LOVE. Having said that, I enjoy a vast and eclectic study of philosophies and spiritual paths. Aside from the Divinity I feel inherent in the cosmos, my loving relationship with Christ continues from childhood, I feel a strong affinity for hermetic and alchemical principles, and I have 27 years experience as a metaphysical practitioner; adopting skilled use of tools such as tarot and meditation. It has been my recent honor to join the Elder High Priesthood within the Circle of the Sacred Flame before finally continuing a solitary journey.
  • I strive to follow the path of truth wherever it may lead.

Additional Interests


  • alchemy
  • crafting 
  • concocting herbal remedies
  • reading
  • painting
  • playing at photo journalism
  • writing the thoughts in my head
  • hiking
  • bike riding
  • meditating in nature
  • ..and enjoying sun beams on a quiet afternoon with my two loves, Harold and Harley. Ridiculous cuteness.

Harold the Cat


Harley the Cat


Scarlet Korvina. Astrology practiced with Passion and Wisdom.

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