Raven’s Nest is a unique blend of ancient astrological wisdom, mindfulness, and spiritual insight utilized to teach and coach others to transform their own inner alchemy to live consciously with the universe and achieve a better quality of life.


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Why Alchemy?

Alchemy, a word that has become synonymous with any transformative process resulting in the complete transmutation into a new form, is the language and soul beating at the heart of Raven’s Nest. In its oldest manifestation, it was a process faintly akin to modern chemistry involving the blending and modifying of natural ‘crude’ elements to achieve a final element of quality and purity; the commonly touted ‘lead into gold.’ In actuality, the exact natural elements used and the true nature of the final product those early alchemists were seeking was widely contradicted amongst them leaving scholars still debating their theories today. Though the exact formula of the ancient alchemists’ work remains largely unknown, an they have even issued strong warnings for such ‘recipes’ to be despised, key symbols of the overall process toward transformation continue to offer clues to secret wisdom of Divine truth.

Believed to work on two levels being as much ethical (psychological) as physical (tam ethice quam physice), alchemy is both a process of “alchemystical transmutation” of the psyche and soul as well as the raw physical materials themselves. Thus, while we might view changing the simple raw material of lead into gold as alchemy’s mundane process, its higher, spiritual purpose was thought to purge the soul of that which was impure and superfluous to the essential spirit, leaving it transformed into its pure, elevated state of refinement.

“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection, in which are reflected the mythologems, i.e., the archetypes. In this vision astrology and alchemy, the two classical functionaries of the psychology of the collective unconscious, join hands.” 

– Carl Gustav Jung

First to integrate this knowledge into the mainstream of Western culture was the well known psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. In his search for understanding of his own subconscious and the unconscious psychic life including the language of dreams, Jung came to regard alchemy as a symbolic representation of the individuation process; the process by which the personal and collective unconscious are brought into consciousness to reveal one’s whole personality. In short: it is the process of becoming self-actualized or coming into our authentic selves.

Perhaps this is what those ancient alchemists meant in their warning that all recipes for the alchemical Great Work should be despised because the truth they understood was that there IS no recipe or preconceived formula for this feat. Perhaps those early alchemists knew that the process of self-actualization is at its core a process of initiation we must all walk alone in the unique manner given to us by Divine right. Finding our way through with only the light of the Divine to guide us is in itself a process of transmutation whose truth can only be understood and manifested by the incomparable experiences of the individual.

Rich in timeless wisdom and Divine construct, alchemical principles reveal an integral interconnection to psychology and astrology; each working in compliment to help us exercise the power we carry by living in our authentic truth. As Paulo Coelho puts it, alchemy is the path to fulfilling our “Personal Legends,” or in other terms, ‘living our right lives’ in accordance to our most genuine desires. In essence, alchemy is one of the key esoteric disciplines that speaks a language inscribed deep into the soul of the collective unconscious; already known with a need to be remembered. Indeed, ….”it is all written by the same hand. Maktub.”

“If you are suffering, sit with me for I am not.” – Hafiz

What is Alchemical Life Coaching?

The Opus

Borrowing loosely from the key symbols of alchemical wisdom, Raven’s Nest is likened to the Hermetic Vessel where the “invisible celestial influences and the impressions of the stars” necessary to the Great Work of individualized self-actualization is fundamentally achieved through two main mediums:  Astrology and Martha Beck Inc. Life Coaching Each methodology works primarily on two levels: The Spiritual & The Physical (Mundane) The breakdown looks like this:

Spiritual Physical (Mundane)
Astrology Increases understanding & puts into context that which we can not control; offers perspective of our place in relationship with the Universe, God, the ALL to assist in healing suffering. Offers a richer understanding of the NOW bringing self, others, and circumstances sharply into present focus. Understanding energies in the present reality empowers wiser decisions.
“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” – Carl Gustav Jung Assists in future planning through an informed forecast of the ‘cosmic climate,’ while maintaining a perspective of non-attachment and plausibility for Divine intervention.
MBI Life Coaching Assists in the process of grieving the true reality of events out of our control that bring pain. Offers practical strategies to conjure up and identify the truest dreams of our authentic selves.
Assists in neutralizing limiting thoughts and beliefs causing blocks, self-sabotage, and prolonged suffering. Empowers the realization of attainable goals with practical step-by-step plans of action!


From this point of reference, my goal is to focus firmly on empowering you to maximize your strengths and talents for your highest good. I employ many years of training and practical application of astrological wisdom combined with training as a certified Martha Beck Inc. life coach, mindfulness techniques, and a wise store of spiritual-philosophical insight and metaphysical practice to assist you in your personal quest to co-create your most fulfilling life.

009Astrology and inquiry will help us identify the true needs of your essential self as you begin to live your right life’s expression through our four fundamental pillars: authenticity, gratitude, balance, and simplicity. 

Combined with my own intuitive awareness, my astrological interpretations are rooted in Modern Evolutionary and Traditional Classical theories, both invaluable in their specialized applications, and draw heavily on the archetypal themes commonly found in astrology and psychology.

Personally, I bring strong intuition, compassion, humor, practical no-nonsense techniques, creativity, a genuine interest to really hear you, and a dedicated talent for providing “untroubled space” in times of the storm.

Topics of our sessions can range widely but some that have been found commonly beneficial include:

  • Navigating a Hero’s Journey or Spiritual Path 
  • Vocational Aptitude
  • Romantic Compatibility
  • Parental Assessment of a Child’s Needs
  • Goals & Life Themes of the Year (Great for birthdays or the New Year!)
  • Identifying the root source of personal undoing & suffering to break repetitive Cycles
  • Releasing Limiting Fears & Blocks that Diminish Life’s Quality
  • Healthful Tips for Body, Mind, & Soul
  • Clarity Around the Current ‘Crazy’ in the Air
  • Soulful Support through Life’s Difficult Transitions


Scarlet’s Elixir

While astrological wisdom and alchemical coaching can effectively address any area of life, my personal astrological profile, life experience, and extensive background in interpersonal relating, psychology, and art lend a special aptitude and enthusiasm for wearing particular hats.

The Harmonizer: All We Need is LOVE!

Though we can learn tVenuso regulate how much we allow others to influence our emotions and find a peaceful equilibrium, the fact remains that the quality of our lives can be directly impacted by our ability to successfully navigate interpersonal relationships (i.e. romantic partners, parent, children, bosses/co-workers, etc.. ) Astrological tools and mindful inquiry can be ideal mediums to help reveal intricate ‘circuitry’ of an interpersonal dynamic to make the most out of the relationship’s benefits and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

The Dream-Catcher

It seems a comLIVE LIFE_stampmon misconception about coaching is the assumption that there is an inherent indication that there is something ‘wrong’ that needs to be ‘fixed.’ While it is true that coaching is excellent for those times we all fall out of balance, and therefore experience areas of stress, pain, and tension that need to be realigned, coaching is just as valuable a tool that helps remove blocks and obstacles enabling you to conquer your personal mountain to achieve your dreams! Because the truth is, whatever your work or personal interests, everyone’s heart carries desires and EVERYONE is creating a life, for better or worse. Let me help you consciously build the life you truly want!

The Muse

One of the things I most enjoy about my work is having the opportunity to give expression to my talent and education in artistic endeavors. Writing, photography, painting, jewelry-making, and mixed media projects are among my favorite mediums. Like any other artist, I have an intimate understanding of all the inhibitors that block the creative voice such as ‘inspirational voids’ and ‘procrastination loops.’ Let’s work together to overcome the resistance through the use of astrological tools, mindful inquiry, and a collection of tips gained from personal practice. I understand the struggle and I’m here to help!

  “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Astrology Reports

Astrology reports are typically 20 – 40 pages and cover such themes as: Natal Profile, Solar Return, Child Profile, Relationship Profile, Eros (Intimacy) Profile, Asteroid Goddess Profile, and Day-to-Day Transits.

*For detailed descriptions of each report, please click here.*

Astrology reports can be added to a consultation session for the package price or purchased separately and can be purchased as hard copy keepsake journals or digital files.

Digital Astrology Reportsamber1

Consultations of 1 hr. or more will include one complimentary digital Natal Report. Additional digital reports purchased separately are $25 per report and sent via e-mail.

Astrology Report Journals

A unique feature of Raven’s Nest, each hard copy astrology report journal is either custom designed to your specifications or fitted with any choice of pre-designed options (more soon to come!) Printed on natural parchment paper, hand-stitched at the binding, and crafted with careful attention to detail, they are fun and clever gifts sure to be fondly treasured!

*Please visit the Journal Gallery for examples of standard or prior custom designed astrology journals.*

 *Note: Due to the varying length of Transit Reports determined by the amount of time in review, prices may vary. Please contact for a quote.*

Art Chart Wheels

Moon 2

Each report will come with a standard chart wheel or you may choose an art chart wheel at no extra cost from the gallery here. Art chart wheels alone are also Free w/ Subscription to the Raven’s Nest Newsletter!

The Quintessentials


Background Summary

  • 28 years Experience of Astrological Study & Practical Application
  • Kepler College – Diploma Program and Level III Certification in the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR) in progress
  • Martha Beck Inc. – Certified Life Coach

What Is It & What Will It Do?


Empowers our personal understanding of ‘self,’ our environment, and our purpose, illuminating how it is interwoven into the broader schematic of Divine design as revealed by the cosmos enabling us to make the wises decisions for our greatest good.

Life Coaching

Empowers our ability to overcome self-limiting beliefs that create obstacles to goals, find freedom from attachments that cause suffering, stay present in the face of heart-centered healing to uncover personal truth, and implement practical hands-on techniques to manage inner processing and external action toward tangible desires.

How Much Is It?


Starting rate is $125/hr. with a 1 hr. minimum.

(Consultations of 1 hr. or more will include one complimentary digital Natal Report via e-mail)


Standard Design Astrology Report Journal $50

Standard Design Journal w/ Consultation Package $165

Custom Design Astrology Report Journal $80

Custom Design Journal w/ Consultation Package $200

Digital Astrology Report $25 

(*All Astrology Reports include complimentary standard or Art Chart Wheel*)

 Let’s DO This! Where Do I Start?

Request a Consultation or Astrology Report Journal Please visit the Request Service page and submit the short questionnaire for your desired service. Once received, you will be contacted at your suggested contact time for a brief ‘meet & greet’ phone interview. Following our short call, those seeking consultations will be sent a short consent form by e-mail to be returned at your earliest convenience but no later than 48 hrs. before our appointed consultation time.

Schedule An Appointment

*Respectfully, payment for services is accepted at the time of agreement for the scheduled consultation to secure the appointment. Cancellations for counseling appointments must be submitted by phone or e-mail within 24 hrs. prior to the appointment time for a refunded payment.*


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Frequently Asked Question

“So what is the benefit of choosing the coaching consultation? Shouldn’t the report be enough?”

Hand Symbols

This depends entirely on what you hope to gain from the experience. I can tell you that while each report is well written and full of valuable, detailed information, the reports approach all the aspects of the chart as separate fragments of a person instead of a synthesized whole. So while they are a fascinating look at each individual component (i.e. you will gain a clear insight on what is means to have your Mercury in Sagittarius), you may struggle to come away with a complete picture on how all those separate pieces relate to one another. Also, this focus on each component separately at times makes the report seem to contradict itself (i.e. “In one area it says I’m great at communicating because my Sun is trine my Mercury but in another area the report says I will struggle with communication because Saturn is square my Mercury!”) Understandably, this can cause confusion regarding which aspect will take precedence and/or blend into a synthesized expression. Essentially, it is the astrologer’s job to integrate all of the disassociated parts of the chart to resolve seemingly contradicting factors, offer interactive feedback, and relay an overarching theme of the chart to coach the client through relevant questions. You can certainly gain pertinent information and perspective from the reports alone, but the best benefit of how to practically apply astrological wisdom comes through coached consultations.

“How are consultations conducted?”

Consultations are most commonly done over the phone at the scheduled time we agree upon, however conducting sessions via Skype or Face Time are other possible options. 

“Will there be a recording of the consultation provided?”

While I do not currently have this feature available (I’m working on it!), you are certainly welcome and encouraged to record our sessions or take notes.