Hi there Unicorn Rider!

“You’ve always been a free spirit. You may be called “eccentric” (and that may be one of the nicer words). You’re different from the people you went to school with, from the people you work with. 

You may have trouble understanding or connecting with people who are more “in the box” than you are. And you definitely struggle to know how to respond and free yourself from all the societal “shoulds” that may feel alien or oppressive to you.

You may even have difficulty balancing the practical realities of life (paying bills, showing up to work) with your spiritual, creative self.

Or maybe… you’ve always identified as a creative person; creativity is your lifeblood; and lately you’ve been feeling uninspired or creatively blocked, which terrifies you. You need help reclaiming this part of yourself. 

If any of these resonate with you, you’re a “Unicorn Rider” and you’re in the right place!”

(Brooke Law)


Once committed, your keys to unlocking ancient cosmic secrets will include…

6 weekly 1-hour consultations of one-to-one astrological coaching …..

to outline goals, align with the current ‘cosmic weather’, neutralize pain points, and strategize around obstacles

3 oracle readings …..

to receive personal messages of Divine guidance specifically for YOU!

1 Customized Meditation …..

to calm, ground, and recalibrate the subconscious mind and loosen its hold on limiting beliefs

1 Raven’s Nest ‘Celestial DNA’ Astro-file …..

to explore the hidden depths of your natural attunement to the stars, decode the wisdom specific to YOU, and learn the time-tested art of observing the cosmic clock!

Or as I like to call them…..

1 Customized Yoga Sequence (optional extra) ….

to release stress from the body, gain insight about your holistic health, and bring the body, mind, and spirit trifecta into your right balance to empower your goals.

(*Additional yogic and/or metaphysical insights and aids may be available as applicable.*)

If you’ve had more than a few sessions with me, there’s a good chance you already have one of The Raven’s Nest ‘Celestial DNA’ Astro-file. 

If you have had more than 2 sessions with me, anticipate having more, and you don’t have one but you would like one, let me know and I’ll get one out to you on our next session!

What are they?

The Raven’s Nest ‘Celestial DNA’ Astro-file is your personal collection of celestial data outlining your unique Divine Blueprint that reveals how you are uniquely attuned to the stars which includes: natal, progressed, & transit charts, time maps, lunar phases, elemental balances, temperament signatures, asteroids, & fixed stars.

Your customized Raven’s Nest ‘Celestial DNA’ Astro-file will also include the current year’s Celestial Dance Zodiac Map, displaying the path of the planets, and the Raven’s Nest Astrological Decoder Key to help translate stellar sigils & glyphs as we observe the cosmic clock together in consultation or on your own for personal research.

These folders contain a wealth of relevant information you could easily enjoy explore over a lifetime!

You don’t have to carry the responsibility of knowing what it all means………. I’m here to help with that. But you never know what grain of personal wisdom may be the exact key that unlocks your soul to truth and freedom! And I’m just saying,

these folders hold A LOT OF KEYS!!

Answer your calling

Let’s get on a non committal discovery call to see if the Unicorn Riders is for you. You’ll gather insights about your path and I’ll point you to your next steps. We have other eggs here in the Nest. If the Unicorn Riders isn’t for you I can tell you what might help you next.

Who’s Scarlet Korvina

alchemist of the soul

While Astrology and other areas of metaphysics can provide inclinations for a future forecast, mindfulness coaching can assist in the difficult balance of holding space for possible realities with preparedness while maintaining inner peace through non-attachment to what actually happens.

In other words, wether the beliefs causing our suffering are related to the past, present, or future, through mindful inquiry, coaching provides the tools to untangle the limiting thoughts holding you back from living your best life and liberates you from needless suffering due to the attachment to painful beliefs.

As our power to manifest anything in our lives is critically dependent on the support of our minds. Developing in this arena provides a strong foundation for any goal you pursue!